New Patients

Looking to establish care or request a complimentary 15-minute consult with Dr. Long? Please call 503-701-8766 and our wonderful front desk staff will help you get all squared away!

If you have recently scheduled a new patient visit please fill the new patient paperwork before our visit so that we can dive right in and use our visit together to start getting to the root of what ails you. 

Belong Health and Wellness is operated within Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center at 2330 NW Flanders Street, Suite 101, Portland OR 97210. We have free parking in both the upper and lower parking lots (just don't park under the building in a covered space) and there is also "pay-to-park" options on the street outside the building. If your appointment is first thing, around the lunch hour or towards the end of the day, plan a little extra time to be able to find parking!