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Conditions Treated

Women's Health

Whether you are still cycling or are transitioning into perimenopause or are squarely in menopause, supporting women through all their phases is a foundation to health and happiness!

Endocrine Disorders

Hormones play a large, but often silent, role in our lives - from getting us up out of bed in the morning to actually helping us fall asleep, the health our of hormonal systems in integral to overall health. 

Gastrointestinal Health

Gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or a general upset stomach got you feeling unwell? A functional approach to GI health might be just what you need!

Chronic Infections

Whether we are talking about recurrent infections or an infection that won't seem to heal, functional medicine can help to identify the root cause and support your own healing capacity to finally reduce the length of infection and prevent recurrence.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is unfortunately a reality for a large majority of individuals. Functional medicine can help to identify the root cause so as to reduce or prevent pain!

Primary Care

In the state of Oregon, naturopathic doctors can be primary care providers for a large majority of patients. If you are looking for a more wholistic and preventative way to work on or maintain your health, this might just be the way to go!

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