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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a broad category of therapies that includes items such as body work (commonly known as massage), musculoskeletal adjustments, active release therapy, pin and stretch, strain-counterstrain and other muscular activation treatments. These therapies are in-office procedures that can be utilized for pain reduction/ relief, muscle hypertonicity, muscular aches and cramps, joint pain, myofascial adhesions and much more. 

Manual therapy pain managment

Tool-Assisted Therapy

Tool-Assisted Therapy is a technique that utilizes steel-based tools to help break up scar tissue, myofascial adhesions, re-align nerves within their tracts and overall work to decrease pain. The form of tool-assisted therapy Dr. Long practices is a moderate pressure technique and is less aggressive than techniques you might have heard of such as Gu Sha and ASTYM. 


Tool-Assisted Therapy works by helping to increase blood and lymph flow so as to repair tissue damage and bring tissues the nutrients they need to facilitate repair. 


TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is fully known as Temporomandibular Joint disorder and if you have TMJ disorder you know exactly what it is. If you are unfamiliar with what TMJ disorder is however, let's briefly talk about what it is. TMJ disorder is usually pain at the joint between your upper and lower jaw that can lead to difficulty with chewing, swallowing, talking or can lead to headaches and a large array of other health issues. 

TMJ disorder can be easy to treat and Dr. Long specifically uses targeted supplemental and physical manipulation techniques to help alleviate pain associated with TMJ disorder. The physical manipulation therapy to treat TMJ disorder takes about 20 minutes to complete and is covered by most insurances. 

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