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  • Dr. Brittany Long

Seven-Minute Scientific Workout

The thing I most often hear people say when asked about why daily movement isn't apart of their routine is that they don't have time or space to workout. And I totally get that - in our hectic lives and smaller and smaller living situations (also everyone ALWAYS being home) it can be really difficult to find not only the time and space, but even the motivation to move your body. If you have been wanting to find a way to incorporate more movement however, I may just have a solution for you!

The "Seven-Minute Scientific Workout" (to the right -->) is one of my favorite workouts to recommend to anyone who is having a hard time finding the space or minutes in their day to move their body as they know they need or want to. This workout is exactly what it promises - seven minutes of working out AND it will help you feel better as well!

The basis of this workout is to hit the majority of your main muscle groups - core, back, arms, legs and to keep your heart rate up at the same time - talk about a two for one situation! Also, there is minimal exercise equipment required and all you really need is a chair or step and about a 5x5 square of flat ground.

To check out the program, follow this link: or refer to the graphic above! If you have any previous sports related, over-use or repetitive type injuries, aches or pains I would always recommend either getting checked out by a doctor, physical therapist and/or working with a personal trainer to make sure you are practicing proper form and not going to cause more harm than good!



*DISCLAIMER: This document is not intended to treat or diagnose disease. Before implementing any new treatment protocols be sure to consult with a licensed physician. The author has nothing to disclose in regards to supplements or products mentioned within this document and the author does not receive any monetary or other incentive to mention the recommended supplements or products.

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